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We currently offer a monthly based package, with a 14 day trial, that contains the drawing course videos teaching character art and anatomy, as well as experimental features like the live stream rooms and student community. 


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With just a bit of guidance and direction, anybody can become an artist if they put their mind to it! We teach character art that can be as simple or complex as you'd like it to be.


Being able to create your own characters and fanart from your imagination is one of the most therapeutic things sometimes. If there's an idea or thoughts in your head, wouldn't you want to be able to draw it into reality?


Many character artists become creators on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. With that in mind, it's also possible to take it to the next step and build a side hustle or even a career. 

"There are many words to describe Max. If you allowed me days to write, you'd get pages upon pages of how nice and sweet this guy is! I've known Max for some time now and he is absolutely amazing at art! He really works hard to achieve his goals, so when I heard he was training to be a teacher that can help others with art, I knew I had to see what I could learn from him. His way of thinking is nice and simple and it's doesn't make me feel intimidated about starting from scratch. He doesn't make me feel bad about my art either. He's very inclusive and diverse in his craft, strives to be great, but doesn't mind making mistakes, and he doesn't leave anyone out. He makes everyone feel like they have potential! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced artist because you'll find comfort and confidence in this guy's teaching methods."


"Since I was a child, I've always looked up to Max to teach me how I can draw, and I learned a few things each session I sat down with him. Even after teaching myself how to draw many years later,  he still finds ways to help me improve my skills and leaves me with new ideas and techniques. Max won't rush an artist when they are struggling to learn, but will instead cooperate and find new methods of teaching information. The Art Loft is not only a website, but each lesson shows improvement and the commitment Max puts in to instruct and help beginning or experienced artists."

Moses Rodriguez

"For as long as I’ve known Max I knew he was stellar at art, so when he came to me with his website as well as classes to help artists improve and work on their art, I was ecstatic to be included. From what I have been taught I have already seen my art improve with things like its flow and stance, as well as helpful guides to avoiding art block and starting on the art itself. Max himself as a teacher is very kind and willing to work with you. He will always encourage you to keep trying even when you feel inadequate. The Art Loft has many things to offer people, whether they are beginners or professionals because it continues to encourage people to both improve and learn to enjoy their art."


We have a lovely, free to access Discord community with so many artists and art connoisseurs! We love drawing together, talking, playing games, and just having fun! Don't miss out on making new friends and come say hi!

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Max is an independent character artist and animator
has learned how to use free resources to create
cartoons and content that not only goes viral on
his social media, but also makes him
a buck or two through customers that request
his drawings and other related services.

"I thrived off internet resources and books
to teach me what I know now and I wanted
to share that knowledge and guide others
on their art journey.
It's not always easy to learn by yourself." -Maxiety

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